Monday, May 11, 2009

Ready to Burst!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day with their families! As I mentioned in a previous post, my husband works in the horticulture industry. His degree is in plant industries management and when we bought our house, he said he wanted to find a blank slate that he could bring to life. Well, we did, and he did, though he wishes he had the time to do much more!

One of the most thrilling things about our garden is the way he has planted things so that something is always blooming. It is like watching fireworks - as one plant finishes for the year, another one blooms.

In that spirit, I have posted a few shots of plants that are on the verge of opening. The tulips, sadly, have already come and gone. Last week's rain didn't do them any favors. The neighbor's lilacs are *almost* there and we should have peonies by week's end. Enjoy!

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